The Continental research network on informality in metropolitan spaces (RECIM) is a North American space of international debates that favors comparative methodologies, adopting a “socio-anthropological” approach to the analysis of social facts, and in which each participant contributes based on his/her sensibilities and disciplinary knowledge.

Created in 2008, the network met formally for the first in Ottawa and Montreal in November 2009, followed by a public meeting in Mexico City in February 2010 and a panel organized at the National Metropolis Congress in Montreal in March 2010. A first book will be published shortly as a result of these meetings.

In March 2011, the network will hold its 4th Annual Meeting entitled “Rethinking the political: Informality, governance and the rule of law in an urban world” in collaboration with the Programa Universitario de la Ciudad de México (PUEC-UNAM) in Mexico City.